Bracing For Impact: The Importance Of Thinking About Change Impact

It can be so easy to view change from a distance and miss how that change impacts each and every person and facet of an organization. Not thoroughly thinking about how change impacts at the individual level can create additional challenges or even derail a project well before it’s finished.

Samantha Collins, a Concinnity partner, joins Jennifer Ayres to define change impact and discuss its importance when planning a change within an organization.



Listen to Jennifer and Samantha talk about change impact:

Samantha’s introduction and background (1:09)

Jennifer introduces Samantha, who shares a bit of her background and how she eventually connected with Jennifer at Concinnity.

Leading through change (2:29)

Samantha provides some insight on leading an organization through change.

What does change impact really mean? (4:40)

As Samantha notes, change impact is the how, what, and why of change.

Collecting change impacts (7:30)

Samantha takes us through the key steps to collect change impacts and how to avoid some of the challenges that might come up.

The output of change impacts (12:28)

Change impacts are the foundation of any change management, as Samantha points out. Jennifer and Samantha discuss the importance of those change impacts and the difficulties of not doing them properly.

When should you start thinking about change impact (22:10)

If you’re thinking about making a change in your organization, you should already be thinking about your change impacts. Samantha shares some real world examples.

Doing it late (24:09)

The best time to start thinking about your change impacts is at the very beginning. The next best time is right now. Samantha talks about how to start thinking and planning for your change impacts, no matter how close you are to deployment.

Final thoughts (28:00)

Samantha provides her final thoughts about the impacts of change management.