Building And Embracing The New, Flexible Workplace

As we continue our look at the “Future of Work,” the workplace remains a hot-button topic for many. More and more, studies have found that flexibility is what’s desired most from employees but how can organizations make that pivot successfully? 

Join hosts Jennifer Ayres and Lisa Insley as they talk with special guest Luke Thomas about the role technology will play in even the smallest aspects of the “Future of Work.” Luke has unique insights into remote working environments as the founder and CEO of Friday, a company offering a digital headquarters for company communications.

Getting to know Luke Thomas:

Introducing Luke Thomas (1:35)

Lisa introduces Luke, who shares his background leading up to today, including some of his personal philosophies.

Overcoming remote work pains (6:39)

Luke had been struggling with the concept of wasting time traveling to the office when he could work remotely. But there are pain points he had to not only discover but overcome along his journey building his own company.

The right place and the right time (7:22)

Luke’s epiphone came at the right time, diving into remote work just before the pandemic hit, forcing everyone to scramble to catch up.

What’s most important (8:10)

Regardless of if the pandemic continues for much longer, it has already made a massive impact on the future of work. Luke shares his thoughts on what components are the most important and what everyone should be paying attention to as we look into the future.

How to embrace remote work and flexibility:

Supporting leaders (13:35)

Remote work and flexibility as a whole can be intimidating to leaders who haven’t embraced it until now. Luke talks about what executives can do to set their leaders up for success and help everyone succeed.

Using technology to improve culture and communication:

Creating tools and systems (21:40)

Lisa and Luke discuss how an organization decides to implement new tools and systems, and whether it’s a dedicated person for the role or if it’s a company-wide decision starting at the top.

Building a culture in a digital-first way (28:00)

What would an organization’s culture look like if technology was included from the start? Is it even possible? Luke shares his thoughts.

Guiding principles:

Principles to live by (34:10)

Luke gives some of the principles he and his company live by.