The Evolving Workplace: Building Something Better

The pandemic has changed how we work. As organizations adapt to a continuing pandemic, there needs to be thought put into how the workplace adapts with it. Hybrid and fully-remote workplaces are becoming more commonplace but organizations shouldn’t settle for replicating what they previously had. Instead, they need to think ahead and use this as an opportunity to build something better.

To kick off season 4 of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jessica Radford joins Jennifer Ayres to talk about the evolving workplace. Jessica is the Talent Acquisition Lead for consulting firm Slalom, giving her valuable insight not only into a growing business but how global organizations are adapting as well.


The Evolving Workplace:

Introducing Jessica (1:48)

Jennifer introduces Jessica and they talk about her background, including how she got her start

The shifting workplace (5:02)

The pandemic changed how workplaces looked and as it continues on, organizations have been continuing to evolve their remote and hybrid work environments. Jessica shares what Slalom has done.

Making work better (7:55)

At the beginning of the pandemic, organizations were scrambling to adapt to a remote workplace. As time has gone on, the thinking shouldn’t be to replicate what we had but to make it better. Jessica and Jennifer talk about the things they’ve seen done to build a better work environment.

What are people looking for now? (14:20)

We’ve talked about it a lot already, but the pandemic helped put things into perspective for people, leading to what has been called the “Great Resignation.” Jessica and Jennifer detail what they’ve seen from talent as they look for new opportunities.

How organizations are adapting (17:08)

With the changing landscape, Jessica says organizations are looking ahead to the next 5, 10, and even 20 years to project how things will continue to change and what will be needed from talent to match those changes.