The Importance Of Knowing Your Audience When Enacting Change

Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or firmly in the middle of enacting change within your organization, knowing your audience is critical to success. If you don’t know who is being impacted and how; you’ll face major hurdles along the way and struggle to get the type of buy-in needed. On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Jeff Bone, a partner at Concinnity, to talk about the importance of knowing your audience.



Listen to Jennifer and Jeff talk about knowing your audience:

Jeff Bone introduction and background (1:14)

Jeff is the special guest on this week’s episode. He shares some of his background, including his entrepreneurial start.

Leading an organization through change (4:52)

With Jeff’s experience both with startups and large corporations, he’s seen what it takes to lead an organization through change. As he notes, it all starts with awareness of things you feel intuitively. 

Knowing your audience (8:33)

As Jennifer explains, one of the tenets of change at Concinnity is knowing your audience. Jennifer and Jeff discuss how simply listening can give you the insight to find out the real issues and what people actually need before giving a real world example. 

The power of empowerment (13:23)

Much like a large family, it can be difficult to find your voice so you need a leader to empower that. By knowing who is impacted and how; leaders can provide support and a voice to those with the expertise.

The importance for emerging brands (15:54)

While it’s easy to see how large organizations can benefit from knowing how your stakeholders are impacted and how they can help promote change, it’s equally important for emerging brands as well. Jeff explains how the constant motion of a young company can make it even tougher to relate to the audience.

Intuition (19:05)

As Jeff notes, sometimes we use our intellect and sometimes we use our gut. While you should always come prepared with your intellect, sometimes a situation calls for quick decisions using your intuition.

Making sure your leadership is aligned (21:51)

One of the most important aspects of knowing your audience is making sure leadership is aligned on the end goal. Jeff shares his thoughts on the subject and some tips to help get an organization’s leaders on the same page.

How can organizations survive & thrive (25:48)

Using his decades of insight, Jeff provides some thoughts on how leaders and organizations can not only survive a change but thrive.