Managing Return To Work Anxiety By Building A Sense Of Belonging

On this special episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Steve Van Valin joins Jennifer Ayres to discuss the growing anxiety about returning to work and how to combat that.

Businesses are still figuring out what the work structure even looks like as the pandemic continues on and that’s making both leaders and staff anxious. Whether your return to work is truly returning to the office, fully remote and flexible, or a hybrid work structure; knowing how to effectively communicate with your employees as the evolution of the workplace continues.

Steve is the CEO and founder of Culturology, a company dedicated to designing and implementing culture strategies. He shares some of his insights and gives actionable steps to improve your company’s culture and how to build a sense of belonging during a stressful time.


Listen to Jennifer and Steve talk about returning to work:

Steve’s background and expertise (1:57)

Steve shares a bit of his background and what his company, Culturology, does.

The importance of belonging (2:38)

Steve believes the ability to connect on ideas and have organic conversations is the most obvious impact as people return to work. But he points to a sense of belonging being the quieter but perhaps even more important factor to employee engagement during difficult times.

Nurturing a sense of belonging (5:34)

With a sense of belonging being so important, Steve gives a few ways leaders can begin cultivating that type of culture in their own staff members.