Messaging Matters: The Impact Of Great Business Messaging On Change

No matter how big or small of a change, it can only really happen if you’ve got great business messaging in the first place. From perceived gaps in the plan to a lack of buy-in from leadership and staff, poor communication can create a host of issues that can make change management downright impossible.

To discuss the merits of good business messaging and communication, Jennifer Ayres is joined once again by Lisa Insley. Lisa and Jennifer break down the importance of communication and how to be a better communicator.



Listen to Jennifer and Lisa talk about business messaging:

Lisa’s superpowers (1:39)

If you listened to the first episode of this season of the Survive & Thrive podcast, you’ve already heard Lisa’s background. Back for a repeat session, Lisa gives another peek into why she has the insight she does.

Most important things for corporate transformation (3:22)

Lisa gives a quick recap of the few things that are the most important for any company that is looking to make a transformation. 

Being better at communication (4:11)

As Lisa notes, a lot of opportunity for proper communication is being left on the table when creating change. She believes it’s critical for leaders to think about how they can help guide people through change and to properly communicate how it impacts people and the organization.

Ways to communicate changes (11:08)

Lisa and Jennifer discuss the ways to be effective when communicating. From creating and sharing a FAQ with the other leaders in the organization and creating a feedback loop to improve your messaging. Jennifer reflects back on an episode in season 1 that highlighted some unique perspectives on improving communication.

The importance of a call to action (16:13)

Utilizing a call to action when enacting change provides some clarity to people while giving them a role and the feeling of it being a two-way street.

Empathy in business messaging (17:32)

Lisa believes having and showing empathy is essential in good communication. As she notes, empathy is best shown in your communication and actions, which can be powerful. Jennifer provides some tips to build empathy in your communications.

Communication to enhance employee experience (19:17)

Proper communication isn’t just useful for change management but for everything within a business. Jennifer and Lisa discuss how communication enhances the employee experience, which often has major ramifications.