Personalizing The Employee Experience

Like it or not, employment has changed over the course of the pandemic. Employees have been given a taste of flexibility and they aren’t eager to give it up. However, that shift in thinking toward the employee experience can be incredibly powerful for both employees and employers, if used correctly.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by special return guest Jess Podgajny. You might remember Jess from the first season but she’s the founder and CEO of Lluna, a company dedicated to empowering teams through flexibility. Jennifer and Jess talk about the changing dynamics, how employers can use analytics to improve human resources, and why everyone should care about the employee experience.

Improving The Employee Experience

Reintroducing Jess Podgajny (0:59)

This isn’t the first time Jess has been on the Survive & Thrive podcast but she shares a brief summary of her background and what she’s been up to since her last appearance.

How has the pandemic changed work? (7:45)

The pandemic brought flexibility to the workplace. Jess shares how that newly-found flexibility has impacted organizations like Lluna and shifted the power dynamics between employees and employers.

Collecting and using analytics (14:12)

Various surveys found organizations either aren’t utilizing analytics in human resources or aren’t doing it well. Jess explains what Lluna is doing to help these types of organizations collect and use that data appropriately.

Employee experience: What it is and why you should care (18:30)

Jess explains what “employee experience” really means and what it looks like for both employers and employees. She also shares her beliefs on why it matters so much.

Giving employees agency (23:03)

Jess shares an example of how allowing employees to have a choice in a matter can make all the difference.

Where leaders should focus (26:06)

Jess shares what she believes leaders and organizations can focus on to be better prepared -- and to better prepare their employees -- for the future.