The Power Of Employee Engagement On Your Business

Only 36% of employees say they’re engaged in the workplace and it’s costing U.S. companies between $450 Billion - $550 Billion annually. It’s an area organizations need to improve upon immediately but how do they even get started, much less get buy-in throughout the entire organization?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Houdad Javidnia to discuss the importance of employee engagement on your business and ways you can begin to improve it right now. 

Houdad comes to the Survive & Thrive podcast with a wealth of experience in this field, having worked at Johnson & Johnson and Capital One. He considers himself to be a communications and employee experience leader, making him the ideal person to talk about the value of employee engagement in business.


The power of employee engagement:

Houdad’s experience (1:03)

Jennifer introduces Houdad and he shares some of his experiences in change management and business.

How does the lack of employee engagement impact companies (5:28)

With only 36% of employees engaged in the workplace, disengaged workers are costing U.S. companies hundreds of billions of dollars every year and limiting revenue growth. Houdad, who has worked with large corporations, shares his first-hand insight on the impact of employee engagement.

Finding purpose and building belief:

The challenges in finding purpose through change (8:35)

Thinking about employee disengagement, Houdad relays the challenges he’s faced in helping companies find their purpose through change.

Building belief (10:28)

One of the lessons Houdad has learned over his career is something he calls “building belief.”

Advice for leaders (12:46)

We’ve talked so much on this podcast about the importance of leadership in times of change. Houdad shares some advice for leaders specifically.

What “building belief” actually looks like (14:17)

Houdad’s idea of “building belief” to give credit to change is brilliant but what does it actually look like within an organization? How can businesses accomplish it? 

Leadership alignment and buy-in:

Leadership alignment (17:13)

Even if you have a great plan, you can have trouble if you have hesitant or inconsistent leadership driving the change below them. Jennifer and Houdad discuss the importance of leadership alignment during a time of change.

Using technology and analytics to drive change:

Using technology to aid change (19:54)

While technology has so many obvious uses in business, it can be a real force of good for your change as well.

The importance of analytics (23:43)

Analytics can reveal some truly incredible insights, not only the ones that we want to see but the ones we really want to ignore as well. You can use analytics to reduce risk, present opportunities, and even get a better idea of where your employees stand.

Survive and thrive (25:43)

Houdad shares what he believes organizations can do to not only survive but thrive in change.