Using Change Plans To Chart The Course

Any well-executed change begins with a great change plan. That’s what we’re discussing on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. 

Kristel Kurtz, a strategic advisor at Concinnity, joins Jennifer Ayres on this episode to discuss the importance of change plans in change management. 

A great change plan will think about the who, how, and why of a proposed change to have a better understanding of what will be needed and the potential hurdles along the way. Jennifer and Kristel break down why change plans are needed, what should go into one, and what blindspots organizations need to be conscious of when creating a change plan.



Listen to Jennifer and Kristel talk about change plans:

Kristel’s introduction and background (1:43)

Jennifer introduces Kristel and they discuss her background.

Examples of a change plan that worked (4:02)

Kristel gives a real-world example of a business enacting change. A Boston hospital was looking to expand but needed to better understand how international patients would be impacted by that change.

Examples of change that failed (5:54)

As Kristel notes, people typically want change to happen quickly but markets don’t often move as fast. She provides an example of a company that wanted to quickly dive into the “internet of things” only to find it took much longer for the market to truly emerge.

Planning for change (8:18)

Kristel believes plans help you feel grounded and provide a great foundation but, more importantly, gives you a safe spot to pivot from as things change. She gives a rundown of why plans are so important on three different levels.

Do organizations plan for change? (13:19)

While Kristel says organizations do plan for change, she believes they all do it at different points. 

What makes a good change plan (14:21)

Kristel provides some of the key details that every change plan needs to have. Starting with the cross-functional or cross-market understanding

The importance of being aligned around the change plan (16:05)

Kristel gives a few examples of why an organization’s leadership has to be aligned around a change plan and what could happen if they aren’t.

Resource blindspots for organizations (17:29)

Kristel believes every organization is limited in resources but shares a few specific ones that often have the biggest impact. She also discusses how to manage those resources during the planning phase to get the results desired.

Final thoughts (24:15)

Kristel and Jennifer discuss some final thoughts that organizations and leaders have to remember when creating a change plan.