Using Internal Podcasts To Drive Change And Improve Culture

On the Survive & Thrive podcast, we always talk about ways organizations can drive meaningful and sustainable change. But how do you actually implement those strategies and get the relevant information in front of your staff in a consistent and engaging way? For many organizations, internal podcasts have been the way.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer sits down with John Luckenbaugh and Matthew Stevens of My Podcast Agency -- the group that produces this very podcast -- to discuss how brand podcasts can be essential tools for change. Matt and John break down what an internal podcast is, the stats behind why they work so well, and how organizations should be thinking if they want to start up a podcast themselves.



Listen to Jennifer, John, and Matt discuss internal podcasts:

Introducing John and Matt (1:06)

Jennifer introduces John and Matt from My Podcast Agency, who detail some of their experience.

What is an internal podcast? (2:30)

Matt breaks down how an internal podcast differs from an external one -- the type of podcast you’re likely listening to right now. He also 

Who uses internal podcasts? (4:30)

John shares some of the organizations he’s helped produce an internal podcast and why they needed one in the first place.

Podcasts are big business (5:59)

Podcasting is a budding new medium but it’s growing rapidly at this point with millions upon millions of people listening in. Matt and John give some of the latest stats, including how internal podcasts and organizations pair so well.

Using podcasts as a tool (12:51)

Jennifer points out how the consistency, intimacy, and effectiveness of podcasts make it such a powerful tool when creating and implementing change initiatives. John and Matt share key employee engagement stats that prove your organization needs an internal podcast while everyone breaks down different use cases.

Tactical considerations (33:16)

If you’re thinking about setting up an internal podcast, Matt shares some of the things you need to consider -- from your goals to who is hosting the podcast.